We examine credit cards, debit cards and card program providers through 25 different parameters including fees, rates, APR, bonuses, rewards and cashbacks, local and international acceptance, insurance, funding and reload options and filter out the ones which pass the exam.

Credit cards mark the style statement in today’s market. Cards and program providers chosen by Cards Examine offer trouble free and safe experience of shopping at wide range of outlets all across the world. Business card programs and co-branded cards provide not only the best of both debit and credit worlds but also save a lot due to cost-effective fees. Go ahead, shape your lifestyle and choose your favourite card now!

  • Personal Credit Cards

    Experience the benefit of varied personal credit cards. These personal cards make sure that you get the financial freedom which is the prerequisite of today’s lifestyle and changing priorities. They offer remarkable benefits that can surely make personal and financial dreams taking a reality shape.

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  • Business Credit cards

    Realize the advantages offered from the top rated business cards. These credit cards offer everything that your business desires to stay ahead. Unleash the talent of your business team and employees — as with these you definitely gain monetary flexibility, safety and expenditure control.

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  • Card Programs

    Card programs are the straight way to develop a strong bond with the card users. They lead to proliferating loyalty. The programs act as a partnership amid your commerce and the card user. Know more about the terminology of credit card programs here. Click to enhance your expertise.

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  • Best Suitable Card

    When choosing a credit card you must be careful, as it is costing you your money. A good credit card would be the one that is very reasonable in its pricing, is very user friendly, and will offer you benefits that matches you and suits your needs.

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  • About Us

    We help people all over the world to choose the best credit card which not only suits to ones lifestyle but caters all the needs within the predefined budget. You can choose from wide range of cards that we suggest here based on the benefits and market value.

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  • Contact Us

    Did you find anything useful or do you wish to enquire about a partiular card or a card program provider? Then do let us know. We are more than happy to find out your suggestion and assist you within our line of influence. Let us know your thoughts to help you to move into your financial dream lifestyle.

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Shortly about our aim

The main benefit to each customer is convenience.

We, at Cards Examine aim to give you a hand so that you could choose your card from the extensive possible ranges of credit cards out there which passed our exams. We help you to choose your favorite prepaid card so that you could have a hassle free opinion. We let you enjoy your multiple ventures that you could take on with your card, while you leave the task of picking it up on us.

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